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RE: Kids Are Dumb

Wow. That is a really strange test. Some of the questions are very basic but then others are very random. Is it my fault that I have never read "The Invisible Man?" I don't see how that is as important as knowing who Hitler was. That being said, I think the test proves that kids are in fact stupid, but in some cases not by their own doing. A high school student usually does not have the time or inkling to read a book that he/she is not assigned. I was never assigned Dickens or some of the other stories in class. However, some I know just from general knowledge. Others, like the Canterbury Tales, I was forced to read. Otherwise, I can guarantee you that I never would have touched that book. Also, why do students have to know a question about the Bible? That just bugged me. I wish that the literature aspect of this had been separated from the history. I think that would give a better impression of what they are and aren't learning.

Being in the standardized testing business, I can say that I see first hand the emphasis on reading and math over the humanities. Is that wrong? I don't know. You need to read in order to be able to understand the Constitution, yes?

I do agree that students get too little exposure to history and literature classes where they are presented with interesting topics and the ability to discuss. I am sorry, but I hated "The Great Gatsby" and "The Scarlet Letter." They were boring books and my opinion of them was viewed as being wrong. "No, this is a good book and here is why." That is what turns high school age students off from the humanities. Your asking someone at a very opinionated age to not have an opinion on something as subjective a book.

As for my own experience, I only deal with grade schoolers so I can't really say. But judging from my years serving the high schoolers at the Wherehizzity, high schoolers are in fact stupid. But then again, so is the majority of the population. So I don't see the glaring difference.

Great topic by the way. I missed 4. Stupid books!


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Well I took the test. I got three wrong, which according to the test means I barley squeaked by with an A. But not really sure what that says since I did guess on a few. I could see how you could really get screwed if you havent read the books or seen the films that they ask about. However, kids today are getting more and more dumb, it baffles me whenever I chat with high school kids at the various camps I work at. Even common sense things are completely foreign to them. Would you agree with that E-roc? Youre dealing with kids even more than I am. Are they all freekin idiots over yonder?
Thanks EA, this was a great way to spend the first 20 minutes at work this morning, nice one.



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Biff, I think you'll find particular delight (or dismay) in this study's findings....

What High Schoolers Don't Know

You can take the quiz for yourself here.

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